The Heat Networks (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 came into force on 18th December 2014 under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. It affects all businesses within the UK that supply and charge for heating, cooling or hot water to a final customer through communal heating or a district heating network (heat suppliers) including multi tenanted buildings with a shared heating and cooling system.

The three main requirements are:

  • Notifications to government every 4 years;
  • To install heat meters subject to feasibility/cost effectiveness evaluation where applicable;
  • To use heat meters to produce billing which complies with legislation where heat meters / HCAs are installed.

District systems and building level meters are required to comply without consideration to feasibility. For other heat networks, the requirement is subject to meters or heat cost allocators being determined as viable for installation, and being installed. Once installed, the heat supplier must ensure that the bills and billing information for the consumption of heating, cooling and hot water are accurate, based on actual consumption and compliant with the regulations. If heat meters are already installed, the requirement to maintain and use these to recharge remains. 

This legislation is currently under review and has been for some time and further announcements are due in 2020. There is no further update on when the feasibility tool will be available – it is simply a case of ‘watch this space’ until such time as further announcements are made.


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